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Recognizing the increasing demands for additional revenue accompanied with the financial stress facing many of our hospitals and independent healthcare providers, it was time for us to explore how to pro-actively organize a collaboration that could benefit all parties in revenue, customer service and better service. Independent Healthcare Systems Working Together is our model.


The MDP Team went to work by first acquiring the most knowledgeable partners as our current business model was put into place and tested. The MDP process was designed to add value-based areas of healthcare that are not currently being offered within most hospitals and medical practices. MDP aggregates healthcare systems working together with independent companies as MDP. Yes, we are leveraging our relationships and providing the services to benefit all parties involved. In doing so, we are engaging the community and creating healthier lifestyles. By enhancing the technologies and generating a substantial revenue increase for each partnering hospital and medical practices the focus is on the needs of each patient.

Another critical outcome that’s being proven of our leadership group is a long- term program to monetize the data of each. It continues to serve as a structured environment for sharing operational best practices in healthcare services focused on meeting increased demands facing each of us today. In doing so, MDP is providing a needed service and finding many health solutions within the early stages. In return, this often saves the insurance companies from paying out much larger reimbursements that are currently originating by lack of doctor’s visits. More importantly, we are each contributing to saving lives.

The MDP Team has enabled a framework for working together in fostering yet another community of excellence across multiple independent healthcare systems, achieving new value and ensuring a long- term model for operational best practices.

MDP is a solution driven company backed by experienced leadership in the healthcare, business, financial and technology world. Working together, we can do great things. 

Collaborating is working with people who have different areas of expertise. This can result in better ideas, outcomes, new relationships and additional revenue streams. In this business world, collaboration is added value. MDP Worldwide has done just that to assist medical practices and hospitals in growing as a business while better serving their communities.

  1. Hospital/Medical Practice current scope of business
  2. Community Wellness Program offering complete wellness screening (engaging the community, a big step in increasing traffic) 
  3. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement
  4. IV Therapy
  5. Medical Grade CBD
  6. Medical Grade Supplements
  7. Follow-up visits from each of the above accompanied with a drip-marketing & education campaign

A Hospital or Medical Practice Business Plan will be sent out to each administrator or CFO requesting such. MDP will then be happy to schedule a meeting and discuss in detail. Each “business plan” outlines the nationwide leaders within each healthcare profession listed above that have partnered with MDP on this opportunity being extended. Together we can do some amazing things.

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