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MDP Worldwide Mgmt., LLC 
MDP Health & MDP Technologies



• MDP Health has an ongoing commitment to provide healthcare excellence with reliable results.

• MDP Technologies provides the latest advanced technologies in communications, tracking behavior, reporting and safety. Next generation, real time results.

• Existing Clients; Hospitals, Medical Practices, School Districts, Universities, State/County/City Governments, First Responders, FDA, FBI, Secret Service, NASCAR, NFL and several others...

Reaching Out to Enhance Healthcare and Help Create Healthier Lifestyles

MDP Worldwide is an independent, leading marketing & consulting firm and provider of healthcare products and services across the board that gathers information which enables doctors and patients to make accurate and responsible healthcare decisions. The services and products aid in the detection and treatment of diseases and the evaluation progression. In addition our consulting and marketing offer a line of services and products including medical supplies, healthcare technologies, medical grade supplements, medical grade CBD, bio-identical hormone replacement programs, IV Therapy programs, high tech reporting and customer support that is unmatched. By engaging each everyone wins.
  Through a complete wellness program, physicians and healthcare professionals get a clear understanding of each individual’s health which helps them better educate each on options to living a much healthier lifestyle. The various value added programs and products in which MDP offers aid in the treatment of areas in which a patient may be lacking. 

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