My Doctor's Choice™ offers a line of medical grade CBD products. The leadership is comprised of MDs, PharmDs, diagnostic lab professionals, business leaders and marketing experts. My Doctor's Choice™ product line is accompanied with a backend system which allows medical practices, pharmacies and hospitals the ability to offer and sell CBD and Supplement products to their patients without any upfront investment money for product. Though drop shipments are available, it is our primary business model at My Doctor's Choice™ to make sales available for every medical practice and interested hospital. CBD has become a widely prescribed option in combating inflammation, pain, anxiety and sleep disorders. As more studies keep coming, we are finding more and more areas in which a medical grade CBD can contribute. Along with our Pharmacists and PharmDs, we are listening to our physicians in the field and working on formulations constantly.
A team of experts making up our “Retention Team” administer follow up contact on every sale and help assure a high retention rate and additional sales in many cases. In each area, we are working alongside our clients to ensure and sustain a very lucrative revenue stream while assisting many in living more comfortable lives.

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